A Few of My Favorite Things from 2016

With 2016 coming to a close, a wanted to take a moment and share some of my favorite discoveries from 2016. 

Book of the Month Club

This subscription might be my favorite find of 2016. Book of the Month Club invites guest judges like Ellie Kemper, Anthony Bourdain, and Allison Williams (to name a few) to select five books every month for members to choose from. Depending on your subscription, you can choose how many discounted books you receive each month - and you can always purchase an additional book at a lower rate if it sounds especially interesting! The site offers a ton of promo codes, so I'd recommend subscribing to their newsletter or following them on Instagram to ensure you join at the best price.


Glossier is my indie beauty find of 2016. Their Generation G matte lipstick, Super Pack face oils, and Stretch Concealer have earned permanent places in my beauty cabinet. Plus, their products ship quick and are pretty reasonably priced (especially considering their high quality). 

News Subscriptions

After the recent presidential election, I subscribed to digital subscriptions of The New York Times and The Washignton Post. I wanted to show my support for hard-hitting journalism, and ensure I always had a method of staying properly informed. With so much fake and click-bait news out there now, it's nice to open these news apps and get a rundown of that day's most up-to-date and noteworthy happenings.

Fitbit Charge 2
On Black Friday, my sister, Dad, and I purchased Fitbit Charge 2 devices. These fitness trackers start at $150 and track everything from your daily steps, heart rate, sleeping patterns, meditation sequences, GPS for running, reminders to move throughout the day, and more! Plus, the devices use bluetooth to silently buzz to notify you of incoming calls and texts. My family has been using ur Fitbit Charge 2s to compete in various step goal competitions, which has been a great motivator for us to go out exploring together as a family.

Three Corgmigos

My family has three corgis named Vixey, Easy, and Slick (from left to right). This year, my sister started an Instagram account called Three Corgmigos. If you love corgis and clever captions, then you should follow along. Her posts always make me laugh when they go live on Instagram.


I discovered Tasty's video recipes this year and am obsessed - so much so that I received their cookbook as a Christmas gift this year. I've always been more of a visual learner, so their simple, step-by-step recipes make it easy to follow along. It also doesn't hurt that the recipes are quick to make and always delicious.

Online Yoga Classes

Right now, YogaWorks is offering online yoga classes for $50 for an entire year with the promo code HOLIDAYS! I was a YogaWorks studio member for a year and loved their classes. Unfortunately, the new apartment I moved to was just far enough way from my old studio to make driving to my regular classes too inconvenient. Now, I'm a huge fan of their online classes! I purchased all my usual class props from Amazon at discounted prices, so it's been fun to experiment with new classes whenever I have down time. I also love that I can take the classes wherever I go if I'm traveling - great investment!

'Nasty Woman' Movement

Despite my girl not getting elected, I loved the lasting impact left by the 'Nasty Women' movement. If you haven't read up on it yet, you should! The stories shared on social media using this hashtag are incredibly powerful, and something everyone should expose themselves to - male or female. 

Tile Mate

I received a Tile Mate at a work event I attended this year, and I love it! The slim tile attaches to your keyring, purse, wallet, gym bag, etc. and you can track its location through the Tile app on your mobile phone. Conversely, you can also find your phone using a Tile Mate too. By pressing the center "Tile" logo on the device, your phone will start ringing so you can locate it. A four-pack of Tile Mates costs $70, and the units last you one year. They don't require charging or a battery change, and you can recycle them after one year to purchase new Tile Mates at a discounted price.


HBO's WestWorld was my binge-show of 2016. You can watch a trailer of the series here. The basic premise is a futuristic theme park where human visitors interact with robotic "hosts" to the extent that you can't tell who is who in this western-themed world. The show plays with themes of psychology, sci-fi, technology, and is definitely a must-watch.

Lush Face Masks

These all-natural face masks are my favorite, and I put one of these bad boys on my face every week. On average, each mask is about $10 and they address the full spectrum of skin care needs from acne, oily skin, moisturization, and brightening. Since getting into this routine, I've noticed a significant improvement in my skin's overall health and appearance. If you visit a Lush store, their employees can help you find the best mask for your skin type. Mask of Magnaminty is my go-to, but honestly, they're all great. Plus, once you've gone through five jars, you can bring them into a Lush store to recycle for a free mask - pretty cool!