Southwest Road Trip (Part Two)

This is Part Two of Daniel's and my Southwest Road Trip! If you missed Part One, you can click here to check it out. 

Getting my Titanic on at Mesa Verde! Hold me, Jack! 

 Daniel and I at Mesa Verde! The archaeologist in me loved this stop on our trip. We climbed crazy 30 ft ladders, crawled through tunnels, and got to explore all over the archaeological sites. It was definitely a unique opportunity to get up close to these ancient ruins, and I would recommend it to anyone venturing to the Southwest! 

"Look Ma! We're about to go spelunking!" 

Daniel mid-cave crawl

Too much testosterone in this picture to handle! 

Reinventing the Fireside Chat

Daniel pancaking on four states at once!

High five in four different states at the same time! 

The Navigator

Cheesin' at Petrified Forest! We arrived there just before sunset and purchased a drive-along CD tour at the main entrance gift shop (narrated by the ever-enthusiastic "Blake"). We had a lot of fun driving through the park at sunset, and stopping along the way whenever a location sounded particularly interesting from the CD. Oh yeah, and the entire park was insanely gorgeous!

Walking off into the sunset

Touching the petrified wood butt!

We ghosted the car...and it was awesome. 

At the historic Route 66 stop in Winslow, AZ

 Meteor Crater! Boom?

Sunset Crater Volcano

The grandest of all the canyons! 

We hiked the 12 mile roundtrip hike to Plateau Point at the bottom of the Grand Canyon! Booyah!

Grand Canyon at sunset


  1. These pictures are awesome! Ben and I are doing a similar trip when he's here in January. This made me so excited! How are you by the way?! We need to catch up.


  2. Thanks Kelly, that's awesome! I'd be happy to send you our itinerary if you need any help planning!! Let's catch up soon :)