DIY Orange Lavender Sugar Scrub

I try to go organic in my beauty routine whenever possible. This DIY orange lavender sugar scrub is my go-to for summer pampering. Oh yeah, and it smells amazing! Keep reading for instructions on how to create this simple, zesty sugar scrub.

What You'll Need:

Coconut Oil (1/2 Cup)

Sugar (3/4 Cup)

Orange Zest 

1/2 Freshly Squeezed Orange

10 Drops of Peppermint Oil

25 Drops of Lavender Oil

1. Mix the coconut oil and sugar

2. Zest one whole orange 

3. Squeeze half of an orange

4. Add peppermint and lavender oil 

Happy scrubbing!


Jolyn Fun in the Santa Barbara Sun

I recently befriended Mallyce Miller, the Creative Director for Jolyn. Jolyn swimwear is coveted all the way from Olympic water sport athletes to the fun-loving beach bum. I was first introduced to Jolyn swimwear as my sister and her water polo team's fan favorite bikini, and have been a loyal customer ever since. So when Mallyce and I discussed a blog collaboration, you can only imagine my excitement!

According to Mallyce and Jolyn's CEO Warren Pederson, the three words that best describe Jolyn are, "sporty, colorful, fun," and I couldn't agree more. The Jolyn team is a self-described, "informal group that have a lot of freedom and ability to be creative to make things that customers/fans like." Mallyce and Warren add that, "hearing good feedback always makes our job more fun," because, "we are a small company so we put more energy into being unique and giving customers what they want."

Jolyn's mission is to serve women who inspire the Jolyn team. When asked who inspires them, Warren shared, "Most of the people we meet are inspiring for a number of different reasons: the average swimmer who dedicates 30 hours a week to training, to the professional who you don't realize is as good as she is until you try to do what they do. Then there are the stories of cancer survivors, and those who have persevered through difficult backgrounds. And all of these different people with different stories share a common thread, and that is sport. It's their commonality. They are our customers, and we design for them."

Below is a photoshoot showcasing some of Jolyn's signature looks featuring my friends Natalie, Anna, my sister, and I as models in Santa Barbara, CA. Having never tried on a Jolyn suit before, Natalie and Anna were floored by the craftsmanship, colors, and great cleavage (oh yeah!) that my sister and I have long since loved. Jolyn's bikini separates range from $25-$35, and you can purchase them on their online store. Be sure to like Jolyn on Facebook too!