Women of Worth: My Lucky FABB Conference Takeaway

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A couple of weeks ago, I had the privilege of being invited to attend Lucky Magazine's annual FABB conference in Beverley Hills, California. I spent the day being introduced to new brands (The Brave Collection was my favorite!), making new friends, and listening to some amazing women of worth in their respective fashion and tech industries. Among these women were Eva Chen, Sophia Amoruso, Nicole Richie, Hilary Pererson, and Stephanie Mark.

Eva Chen (@EvaChen212) is the Editor-in-Chief at Lucky Magazine. Eva presented at last year's Lucky FABB conference, and now works for Lucky running the whole thing! Pretty cool. What I loved about Eva was her killer sense of confidence, ability to laugh at herself, and her awesomely offbeat sense of personal style (Nikes plus A-line skirts, anyone?). She truly embodied her own statement that, "Today's fashion icons are those people we find relatable." Eva was incredibly relatable and inspirational regarding her self-made rise to fashion famedom. Her motto? "Life isn't about coasting."Amen.

Sophia Amoruso (@Sophia_Amoruso) is the Founder and CEO at Nasty Gal. I shop at Nasty Gal, so I was especially excited to hear Sophia's story. Sophia shared how Nasty Gal was born when her 22 year-old self was hospitalized with a hernia. Once she got it fixed, Sophia hit the ground running with Nasty Gal to pay for her hospital bills! Admittedly, her parents were a little put-off by her dream of opening an online vintage-inspired store. But Sophia stressed, "If you don't upset your parents at some point, you aren't doing it right."If you have ever wondered about the naming of Nasty Gal, it is to break the brand from your typical online shopping herd. According to Sophia, Nasty Gal is a, "very visual brand" which deserved an equally visual name. I really loved Sophia's advice to the budding entrepreneurs in the room, which was:
  • Stay focused. Use deadlines.
  • Respond to your feedback.
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses. Exploit those strengths and accept help with your faults.
  • Be honest with yourself. 
  • There is always an opportunity to do things better.
And did I mention Sophia's favorite Twitter accounts to follow are @SnoopDogg and Wow Facts of Life? Too awesome.

Nicole Richie (@nicolerichie) is the Creative Director at House of Harlow 1960. I'm not going to lie. I seriously girl crushed on a lot of what Nicole had to say. First off, she walked on stage with lavender hair, because her young daughter requested it (aka best mom ever). Secondly, Nicole shared how she gardens at her house with a vintage Chanel fanny pack which, upon audience laughter, she joked, "Hey! Fanny packs are dope!" There really isn't a better beginning to a conversation than that! Ultimately, I really aligned with what Nicole had to say about personal choice. Regarding fashion, she noted, "Fashion should always be evolving. It's about about playing dress up. It's about your point of view right now." Personal style choices transitioned into choices on attitude. According to Nicole, "Happiness, ultimately, is a choice. Live your dream. Take that journey and choose to be grateful for it." Nicole stressed finding new, creative ways to express yourself daily (fashion being the easiest first step) and being 100% authentically you both internally and externally. Like Nicole, I wholeheartedly believe it takes courage to be happy and true to yourself in a world that stresses standardization.

Hilary Pererson (@hillyjane) is the Head of Business Development at Lyst, a fashion shopping site tailor-made to individual users' needs. In her work, Hilary perfectly marries fashion and technology. It is Hilary's belief that, "There is more to gain than lose in taking risks with technology." In other words, embrace it! She further advised the audience to, "keep your users surprised, interested, and delighted," in whatever projects undertaken. I particularly liked this soundbite because those three characteristics are what keep any individual coming back to their favorite stores, friendships, websites, hobbies, etc. Hilary really nailed the importance of capturing captivation.

Stephanie Mark is the Director and CoFounder of The Coveteur, a website dedicated to creating exclusive, luxury content. Stephanie's words of wisdom were all about storytelling. She shared, "The core of your business is to know who is coming to your site and why. Know your own story." Stephanie got more in-depth in saying, "Everyone on social media channels is very engaged. There are always conversations happening. As a business, it's important to capitalize on that engagement." Not only is it critical to know your own story, but to constantly share and build upon it through social media. Be confident and consistent in your voice. Throughout life, we all undergo moments of growth which add unique chapters to our personal stories (and subsequently) our voices. Stephanie definitely shared some relevant, sage advice.

The stories shared by the speakers at Lucky FABB 2014 were laugh-out-loud funny, inspiring, and driven. These women really validated my personal pursuit of a career in technology and self-worth. If you are involved in the blogging world, I highly recommend you attend Lucky's 2015 conference and expose yourself to a new wave of phenomenal female voices.

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