Winos-in-Training: Whole Foods Market Santa Barbara Edition

Whole Foods Market, Santa Barbara, WFM

Last night, my friend (Brittney) and I had the pleasure of attending the One Wine Spring Release Party at Whole Foods Market in Santa Barbara, CA. Since both of us are 22 years-old (ok ok I will be next week!), we are still wine-snobs-in-training. For instance, Brittney knows she likes rosé wines, and I am a sucker for whites. Yup, that's about all we've got. So, this event was a great opportunity to get wined and dined and discover new, local favorites grown in the Santa Barbara area. 

The One Wine Spring Release Party was a collaboration between Whole Foods Market and local winemakers who shared the fruits of their labor (pun intended) through the One Wine label custom blended wines. The One Wine label started in 2011 as a partnership with two wineries in Southern California, and has since blossomed into a mutually beneficial, creative partnership between Whole Foods Market and over ten of SoCal's best winemakers. 

Participating One Wine wineries included Ampelos Cellars, Au Bon Climat Winery, Clendenen Family Winery, Fallbrook Winery, Happy Canyon Vineyards, Hearst Ranch Winery, Hitching Post Winery, Margerum Wineries, and South Coast Winery. 

Although all of the wines were fantastic, our favorite of the night was the One Wine Ampelos Rosé. The wine held hints of wild strawberry and watermelon, which made it our frontrunner choice for wine parties this summer!

If you're interested in upping your wine game, or learning more about the One Wine collection at Whole Foods Market, be sure to check out Santa Barbara Whole Foods Market's Facebook and Twitter!

The event was located in Whole Foods Market Santa Barbara's "Buzz Hive." In other words, Whole Foods Market's in-store bar! Crowded, but pretty cool.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post for Whole Foods Market Santa Barbara

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