Prepping for a Blog Conference

prepping for a blog conference, blog, conference

My blog was invited to attend Lucky Magazine's Fashion and Beauty Blog (FABB) Conference held in Beverly Hills! Lucky FABB brings together some of the world's most influential bloggers, writers, editors, designers, and tech stars. Past conferences have included Diane von Furstenberg, Lauren Conrad, Zac Posen, Joan Rivers, Drew Barrymore, Eva Mendes, and countless other giants in the fashion, beauty, and technology spheres. Below is the official invitation for the event.

In preparation for Lucky FABB, I attended an event hosted by Wendy's and Blow Me Away in Beverly Hills. The purpose of the event was to market Wendy's new salad collection by way of a "new you" through a hair do blowout. While getting my blowout, I had the Asian Cashew Salad which was surprisingly delicious! Below is my before (left) and after (right) picture. So, do I look as good as a  salad (har har)?
Lucky Fabb, Wendy's, photoshoot, makeover

Tomorrow is the "big day"for the Lucky blog-o-sphere as it were. Today's warm-up event got me thinking about how to prepare for a blog conference. 

Step one, is to put your best foot forward. Whether that means getting a fancy shmancy blowout or just showing up with a smile (I prefer the latter), is up to you. Just remember to be yourself and have fun with it!

bag, pack, blog conference, Lucky, lucky fabb

Step two is to arrive at your blog conference ready for battle. Tomorrow, I will be packing:
  • Business Cards for new networking opportunities.
  • Lip stain to be camera ready for the ridiculous amount of photos that are sure to be taken.
  • Heel liners for all the walking.
  • Altoids for fresh breath.
  • Ray Bans sunglasses because they are a California must.
  • My pen and notebook for (you guessed it!) notetaking.
  • Eos hand lotion for shaking hands with new friends.
  • Kleenex because the Girl Scout in me says you should always come prepared.
  • iPhone and phone charger for collecting numbers, uploading photos, sharing my blog, Googling brands, etc.
  • A copy of Lucky Magazine to quickly reference the latest and greatest behind the faces that are hosting Lucky FABB.
Happy blog conferencing!

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  1. Sounds like it was such a fabulous event! Love what you packed for the event!