10 Apps You Didn't Know You Needed

1. Waze 
My dad introduced me to Waze, and I haven't looked back (sorry Google Maps). If you are a passenger in my car, you will undoubtedly hear me rave about this app. Waze is a fun, community-based mapping, traffic, and navigation app. Users report live traffic conditions (i.e. cops, road hazards, traffic jams, etc.) to earn points. The combined information makes Waze one of the most up-to-the minute GPS apps on the market and has saved me from countless would-be speeding tickets throughout my drives.

2. Paper
Created by Facebook, Paper enables users to explore and share stories from friends and the world in immersive designs and fullscreen, distraction-free digital layouts. Paper connects to your Facebook newsfeed and allows for customizable news content. This app is really intuitive, seamless, and re-simplifies your Facebook and news content to be much more streamlined.

3. Lumosity
Lumosity is a workout for your brain. The app creates a personalized training program to better your brain's memory and attention abilities. Lumosity uses neuroscientist-backed games to help improve your brain's cognitive functioning by way of a three-game sequence played once daily. I have used the app for a couple of months now and can attest to my Lumosity score going up and up. This daily-use features fun (sometimes challenging) games that give your brain a good 3-5 minute workout.

4. GroupMe
GroupMe is the best way to text. You can organize your texting conversations by name, and can participate in individual or mass group texts. GroupMe is Android and iPhone friendly, and even imports initials/photographs to distinguish individuals in your group conversation. In other words, no more confusing SMS mass texts with indistinguishable phone numbers and confusing repeat sends or error messages (sound familiar?). GroupMe makes texting, whether to one person or an entire organization, super easy and an overall enjoyable user experience.

5. Gyft
Gyft enables you to upload all of your plastic gift cards so they're all in one place: your phone. All you do is enter the gift card's scratch-off code, and start redeeming via the app's barcode friendly scanner. I have used this app for well over a year now, and I do not miss carrying around my post Christmas/birthday wallet-full of gift cards from loved ones. Download it now and Gyft will even reward you with some gift cards of your own!

6. Smiling Mind
You have already heard me rave about Smiling Mind on my The Art of Unwinding post, so just think of this mention as a refresher. Smiling Mind is a free, daily meditation app targeted towards 20 somethings. The app gives you a sense of calm, clarity, and contentment through its 5 minute daily meditation sessions. You can program Smiling Mind to send you push notifications to meditate for certain days at particular times, so you can always fit a moment of peace into your day.

7. Uber
I first heard about Uber while visiting my sister in Washington D.C. When not using the metro, she and her friends used Uber to hail taxis in the D.C. area. Uber's prices were competitive to surrounding taxi services, and the experience was exceptional. Since then, I have used Uber in San Francisco and Santa Barbara. Basically, you open the app, request your car, confirm your GPS location, and bam your driver arrives in minutes. Uber even shows you a photo of your driver and gives you their overall driver rating. Cool, right? When you download the app, be sure to Google local promotion codes so you get the best pricing deals for your first time using their service.

8. SoundHound
Tap the orange SoundHound button and the app instantly listens and identifies the song playing around you. You can then read the lyrics on the app as they're playing aloud, download the song on iTunes, watch the band's music video, etc. I have used this app while standing in line at a coffee shop, grocery shopping, or riding shotty in a friend's car with the radio blaring. SoundHound is really handy when you hear that awesome song whose artist you can't quite remember, or when you discover a new track that merits an immediate music download.

9. Venmo
My friend, Brittney, introduced me to the wonders of Venmo. Venmo is the #1 rated app to pay your friends back through Venmo's fast, secure, and free payment platform. Just tie your back account to the app and you can hit the ground running. Tap the name of the friend you need to pay back, enter the dollar amount and reason for payment, and done! Your friend receives the payment within 24 hours. Plus, your other friends can "like" and comment on the expenditure if you choose to publicize it. Venmo also has an "I.O.U" feature that you can send to your friends who owe you moola.

10. Clue
This app is for the ladies, and errr, their nosey boyfriends. I recently read an article that said today's modern women have no excuse for not knowing their period cycle. But actually. You can download this app for free by clicking here. Clue predicts your next period, fertile window, PMS and features easy-to-comprehend graphics, calendars, and reminders so that you never stress about Uncle Charlie again (sorry, too much? haha).

Photography courtesy of iTunes & Kawaii Case


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