The Go-Getter's Guide: 11 Tips for Going After What You Want in Life

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There is a war inside us all: a dream war. One moment we are chasing dreams, the next we are being seduced into the warmths of our Snuggies. But this war can be won. Procrastination can lose its pull, and our dreams can be fulfilled once we adopt a go-getter attitude. Below are 11 tips to doing just that.

1. Time is of the essence
I cannot believe I am about to say this, but yolo. Make moves towards the things you want right now instead of waiting for tomorrow. Time is never guaranteed. If taking a class, learning a new skill, chatting up a new mentor, etc. will make you a better you, then don't take that for granted. I know it's hard to hear that given we live in a world with Netflix and nap times, but be strong! Make the time.
2. Adopt a “Why not me?” mindset
Do you have a dream? Are you willing to put in the work to achieve it? If you answered yes to both of those questions, then there is no reason why your work shouldn't pay off in meeting your goals. No matter how slim your chances may seem, someone has to achieve these dreams, so why not you? Adopting a "Why not me?" mindset will give you that extra oomph of go-getter confidence. So, do it, own it, and go get it.
3. Take baby steps
Rome wasn't built in a day. If you approach every day trying to accomplish all of your dreams in their final stage, you will be overwhelmed and drive yourself (and probably your loved ones) crazy. Make a realistic to-do list, and spend a portion of every day transforming it into your done list. Breaking goals into manageable, bite-sized pieces ensures you invest fresh ideas, time, and perspectives into accomplishing your to-do list.
4. No backup plans...sort of
It never hurts to invest your eggs into lots of passion-full baskets to increase your odds for success. Sometimes our first-choice dreams don't work out. That's life. Work under a this-will-work-out-or-I’ll-crash-and-burn-trying attitude, but understand you might end up with basket #4. Remember, basket #4 is not settling. It's a backup plan that just might turn into a new, better dream.
6. Put yourself out there
A fairy godmother is not going to bippity boppity boo your dreams. Put yourself in the vicinity of what you want, and take care of the variables in your control. That means putting on your big girl pants, favorite shade of red lipstick, and getting your name out there.  
7. Prepare for criticism
Accept you will be critiqued. The sooner you develop a "water off a duck's back" mentality, the better. Remember, criticism allows you to learn about yourself and grow as an individual. Be grateful for those opportunities.
8. Exercise your creativity
Use your imagination. Mentally prepare yourself for would-be, could-be scenarios in advance. It’s better to be ready when a big break presents itself than to have to scramble to make things fall into place. Remember your Girl Scout days? Be prepared, and let creativity keep you on your toes.
9. Find your drive
Be relentless. Relentless means different things for different people. For some folks it means staying physically active, meditating, heading to the beach, creating an inspiration board, etc. Whatever it is, find what motivates you.
10. Put your best foot forward
Always put your best foot forward. Every day when you go out into the big, bad world you are a walking, talking representation of your brand. You are your brand. Your brand should dress appropriately, speak eloquently, have contagious charisma, and have a badass work ethic. There is nothing more empowering than developing a strong self of yourself, and putting your best foot forward is a great start.
11. You are going to fail
At some point, you are going to fall flat on your face. Know this will happen, pick yourself up when it does, learn from your mistakes, and laugh your way into the next phase of your go-getting pursuit. 
Inspired by Thought Catalog & Darling

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