Style Guide: Monday Morning Maven

Let's face it, Monday mornings suck. As much as we might want to enter the work week sporting our best ensemble of comfy sweats, socks, and a messy bun...duty calls. Luckily, there is a way to marry cozy weekend wear with put-together week wear and become a Monday morning style maven of your own. Below, my younger sister (Ally) and corgi (Stutz) model for this style guide. 

Ally is a freshman college student. For her, Monday morning style means something she can easily sport rolling out of bed and into lecture, while simultaneously looking put together. Here, Ally layers a blush scarf, chambray shirt, black leggings, flats, and minimalist jewelry with a quick application of Urban Decay eye makeup. The Urban Outfitters scarf provides some snuggle with a subtle pop of color. The Nordstrom chambray offers easy movement, but its cut elevates the outfit's structured simplicity. Ally's black Victoria's Secret leggings are slim-fitting, but allow lots of stretchy movement. Her laser-cut brown leather DSW flats, California necklace, and opal nail color and earrings personalize her look. These small details are both artistic and create a unique style story all Ally's own. Overall, the outfit is easygoing and gives the vibe of a chic Californian student just trying to make it to her Monday class on time.

Not a college student? No problem. Adapt this outfit for the working world to include a button-down collared shirt, colored scarf, a quick up-do, deep jewel-toned jeans, nude nails, dark colored flats, and gold or silver hued minimalist jewelry

Happy Monday styling!

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  1. OMG YOUR DOG! Love your sister's outfit too! Miss you girl!

    x Kelly