Mondays at McConnell's

If you're going to Santa Barbara, you have to check out McConnell's Fine Ice Creams at 201 West Mission Street. Since going to UC Santa Barbara, I have visited McConnell's to celebrate the end of final exams, date nights, or hanging with friends. Such was the case today when Brit and I took Jenna for her first ever McConnell's trip (gasp!).

This is the McConnell's at Mission Street. This storefront has been in Santa Barbara since 1949, and (in my opinion) is the best of McConnell's three Santa Barbara locations. There is easy parking, lots of indoor/outdoor seating, friendly staff, and '50s checkered floors. You can't beat its sweet, vintage vibe.

Because this is the original McConnell's storefront, there is a wall of VIPs who have visited the ice cream store over the years. My favorite is the frame of Taylor Swift and Jake Gyllenhall from when they went on a Santa Barbara ice cream date. Their date happened during my freshmen year of college, and boy let me tell you, the girls at UC Santa Barbara were in a field day when the news of a "TSwizzle" spotting broke.

The ice cream case at McConnell's. Om nom nom.

Brit and I enjoying our ice cream cones.

Needless to say, Jenna is officially a fan of McConnell's!

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