Currently Crushing

Today marks the start of a new series called Currently Crushing. This series will feature the links, products, songs, events, trends, foods, etc. I am currently crushing on. Hope you find a new crush!

This is a song written and performed by my friend, Kelly, and her boyfriend, Ben. I heard bits and pieces of this song when Kelly was first writing it, and I am even more excited by this end product. The song details the frustrations experienced by college students as they attempt to navigate their "post-grad" lives; especially feeling boxed into a career corner. You can read Kelly's original blog post here. Basically, the song is all about being fearless in the pursuit of your passions. Definitely give it a listen!

I don't know why or on what level, but I am really in love with this art print. As a cultural anthropology major, one of my favorite things to study has been homesteads. I'm really interested in the materials used, lengths of stays, decorations, and overall purposes behind different cultures' definition of a home. I'm equally obsessed with my own family, so I consider an art print with "I love my family" (no matter the home inhabited) to be really charming. You can purchase this print on Etsy by clicking here.

I found this on Pinterest, and just think it's such a cool term. I like to think I, as well as my blog, portray these qualities.

Remember when Jennifer Lawrence tripped going up a flight of stairs to accept her Oscar for Best Actress last year? Well, this commentary just surfaced about how she fell because she was distracted by the thought of cake. I think Jennifer Lawrence is hysterical, and I joke with a lot of my friends that she is my spirit animal. So, in honor of the fact that yesterday was National Chocolate Cake Day, I present you with this funny gem.

You can now purchase personalized signature necklaces (say what!). Etsy shops (like this) sell these custom, sterling silver beauties for around $40. I like these jewelry pieces because the thought of knowing a loved one took the time to come up with a meaningful message, write it down, and purchase a commemorative piece of jewelry is just too heartfelt to handle.

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  1. I love that word! Such a blogger term ;)

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