Resolutions for 2014

I don't normally make New Year's resolutions lists. But, this is the exception. I'm graduating in March and looked at this list as an opportunity to challenge myself before I enter the working or graduate studies worlds. So, here goes:

1. Try Ethiopian food
I love Indian food, and a lot of my friends have told me that I would be equally obsessed with Ethiopian food. Have to try it.

2. Kayak beneath the Golden Gate Bridge
Anything on the water is my favorite form of exercise. Living so close to San Francisco, I need to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

3. Style my hair (at least) once a week
I always blow dry my hair in the morning, and that's it. It hangs straight, and almost every photo of me on Facebook will back that up. In 2014, I want to challenge myself to style my hair (i.e. fancy ponytails, braids, curls, etc.) at least once a week to mix things up.

4. Take a sailing lesson
My dad and I have talked about doing this for a really long time. I would love to take a sailing lesson in the new year.

5. Be more decisive
In professional settings, I am extremely decisive. In my personal life? Not so much. When it comes to choosing restaurants to dine at, movies to see, etc. I am incredibly "go with the flow" to the point that it irks some of my friends. Next year, I want to try to improve that.

6. Visit Peru, Europe, Seattle, or the Grand Canyon
One of my friends is from Peru, others are studying abroad in Europe, and I have always wanted to go on a hardcore coffee tour in Seattle and visit the Grand Canyon just for kicks. One of these adventures is going down!

7. Try going gluten free for a month
My sister went gluten free for about a year due to health concerns. So, I know how hard it is to keep to that diet constriction. However, I want to try it for a month because of the positive health benefits I have been reading about lately. Stay tuned!

8. Read more
This one is pretty self-explanatory. I love reading, and want to do it more.

9. Make dinner for my family
For one of my good deeds of 2014, I want to make dinner for my family. My parents work so hard, and my sister appreciates good grub, so why not? They deserve it.

10. Go hiking more - specifically in national parks
I really like hiking, and want to do it more this year. It's never a bad idea to get outdoors more, especially in our national parks. Leggo!

Happy New Year!

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