The In Between

I think it is really important to remember to live your life in between achieving goals. Obviously, accomplishing a goal is something you do for yourself. However, a huge part of maintaining your happiness and mental sanity during that process is by putting some time and effort into hanging out with your support group: your loved ones. Goals can always change but your friends and family are constants in your life; relationships which need to be given attention, appreciation, and nurture. It is all too easy to get lost in a goal and unintentionally neglect loved ones along the way. Yes, these people in your life will love you no matter what, but that does not give you the right to take advantage of that love, either purposefully or accidentally, for a goal.

Just a friendly reminder as you, and myself included, go out into the big-bad-world to achieve our badass goals. 

Take some time to give hugs and say thanks.

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