Looking Back: Causera

Last Friday was my official end date as Causera's Sales & Marketing intern. So, I wanted to reflect on my time at Causera, and extend my gratitude towards the awesome opportunities and people I encountered through this corporate family (like Marisa pictured above).

Based in Palo Alto, CA, Causera.org is an e-commerce company aimed at simplifying fundraising. Causera offers online and mobile app platforms where organizations (i.e. college clubs, sports teams, etc.) can select from a wide array of products from Causera's product catalog, and set up their own fundraising campaigns in five minutes or less. Pretty cool, right?

Being an intern for a Silicon Valley startup was no easy feat. Yes, Team Causera was incredibly professional, supportive, and lighthearted. However, being an intern in a classic garage-based startup requires a lot of hat wearing. By this I mean, a single day could consist of writing mobile app content, professionally photographing (and editing) vendors' products, dreaming up catchy tweets for the company's two Twitter handles, creating a press release, Skyping with team members in the Philippines, writing blog posts, and much more. Yes, it could get crazy, but I loved it.

Now, I want to do more. I want to study public relations, marketing, and communications at the graduate school level. After working for Causera, I know I possess talent in this field. So this fall, I want to hit the ground running. I will take the GRE, apply to grad schools, and who knows, maybe another internship in Los Angeles. The sky is the limit. But, first? Graduation this spring.

Until then, here's to you, Causera! Thanks for giving me the tools and confidence I need to follow my career aspirations. I cannot say I know what my future career holds for me, but I know I will be able to credit my summer at Causera for sparking my interests in whatever may lay ahead.

Team Causera paddle boarding and kayaking in Half Moon Bay, CA.

Grabbing Philz Coffee for our TGIF break. The best.

The snazzy new logo we rolled during my first week on the job.

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