Life Lately

Life Lately is a post series I got inspired to start after reading it on Oh, Hello Friend.

Basically, I want to share what is going on in my life right now, both with pictures and prose. As a blogger, I think it is important to share your goings on to both personalize your blog and better connect with readers. On a more human level, I think this Life Lately series will allow me to unload a lot of the thoughts, hopes, passions, fears, and general sillies of my life so I can better appreciate everything I am building around me.

So, here it goes! Life Lately:

Recently, my boyfriend and I spent a long weekend in Lake Tahoe. There, we rode to the top of the Heavenly Gondola and took in the sites. The Rim Fire's haze was in full force, but even that could not shake the stunning views from the top. We drank cocktails, listened to a folksy live band, relaxed in lounge chairs, and hiked a little at the top of the mountain. At the tippy top, Daniel straddled the states of California and Nevada at 8,000+ feet in altitude. Pretty cool, right? Daniel and I had a really great time. We have been NorCal-SoCal long distance all summer, which has posed its own unique set of up's and down's. This last weekend, more than anything, has made me really re-appreciate what an awesome man in my life he is, and that I cannot wait until I am back in SoCal so we can quit having to play catch-up with each other during our much-too-short weekend visits. That Bob Marley quote kind of says it all: love hard when there is love to be had. I have lots of love. These next two weeks cannot pass fast enough. Until then, I will be nomming on the chips-and-salsa combo Daniel has re-addicted me to while up at the cabin, and be thinking about that Heavenly gondola (see what I did there ;).

As the last two weeks of summer wind down, I have also been doing a lot of inspiration hunting both inside and out.

Photographs like that beautiful lavender field, traversing Route 66, studying for the GRE, and reading about the crazy-talented Kerry Washington have been challenging me to think bigger. I really want to see the world (especially travel cross-country Route 66 style), and achieve the level of self-assurance a strong, confident woman like Kerry Washington seems to possess. I think it is important for a woman to come into her own. For me, coming into my own as a woman means being strong, confident, self-assured, sexy (hells yes), and achieve a sense of accomplishment. Do I need to become the first female president of the United States? No. For me, I could achieve a life-fulfilling sense of accomplishment by being passion-driven in my career, having a kickass-loving family that I always put first, and doing my best to be the greatest version of me. Admittedly, I really need to hunker down in my GRE studying to keep making all of this a reality. But, right now, I am having a good time finding these inspirations and coming to these self-realizations (i.e. road trips, coming into my own, leading a fulfilling life, etc.) that I do not intend on losing site of anytime soon.

On a sillier note, I have been spending many hours cuddled up in my parents' bed watching the T.V. show, Parenthood, with my mom. Maybe it is the lighthearted, down-to-earth content, or just the fact that the lead actress is the mom from my old-time favorite Gilmore Girls T.V. show, but I am slowly falling in love with its characters. As the summer comes to a close, I have been spending my late nights playing catch-up on this fun-loving storyline with my mom, all the while getting in some quality mother-daughter bonding.

My life lately is good right now.

I am getting inspired, hanging out with my man, learning how to french braid, eating chips and salsa, and planning the next great adventures (here I come next week, Washington D.C.!).

That's Life Lately.

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