See Ya Later ALLYgator

Not going to lie, today was a very bittersweet day. Ally officially shipped off to college; George Washington University to be exact. This photo was taken last night at her farewell dinner. There was storytelling, laughter, dessert fork fighting, and a little bit of mom crying, but all in an all a great sendoff to our little Ally Sue. I know she is going to do amazing things at GWU. Afterall, this is the girl who, as a five year-old spud-nut, would walk up to strangers on a beach and proudly ask, "Hi! You wanna be my friend?" and proceed to build sand castles and get piggyback rides from college kids vacationing on Spring Break for the entire day. My kid sister is a ballsy little Bakos, and I know she is going to rock GWU's socks off.

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